Church Tour – Non Demoninational Church in Nashville

After 21 years I have decided to ‘church tour’ on Sunday mornings of listings for ‘non-denominational church in Nashville’. Here’s the tour so far, stops added weekly!

The Five Church Tour Rules

  • I do not speak of where I came from. You don’t trash church “A” to church “B”.
  • The Tour will only consist of non-denominational churches. Some churches have dropped their denomination from their name for marketing purposes but to the best of my ability I’ve researched the ones on the tour.
  • Only 1 visit per church in 2023. It’s easy to park and become complacent.
  • In moments where the instruction is to “close your eyes and bow your heads” I stay open and up because of active shooter training – situational awareness dictates moments of “close your eyes and bow your heads” could lead lambs to the slaughter – I learned this in church active shooter training.
  • The Tour will consist of 25 churches in 24 consecutive weeks doubling-up on Christmas Eve.

Non Denominational Church in Nashville Directory:

Churches for 2024 Revisits:

Churches I Will NOT Visit Again:

What I’m looking for is the following:

The church tour started more as a ‘sigh-seeing tour’ but as time went on it morphed into a look to see if there was a church that could be a new church home for me as I left my church of 21 years mid-tour.

  • One that believes in the baptism of the holy spirit and isn’t cessationist. 
  • One that believes in healing and deliverance – but also therapy where appropriate.
  • One that – while they may not support the weekly outreach I participate in, won’t work actively against it.
  • One that I feel comfortable God has called me too after prayer, counsel, and thoughtful consideration.