8. Real Estate and Mortgages – Insights

Please note: These insights are intended for people going through Financial Peace University and are not a substitution or a recap of the coursework or presentation.

My thoughts are a little different here. It’s the only time I’d challenge the course material. It states, “renting should be a temporary situation, not a long-term plan!”


  • I would encourage people to seek God for their calling and then answer this question. My calling is ‘Missionary’ which means I may never stay in one place too long. I may travel the world as God moves me. I spent 3 years going to Africa 5 times with plans for a long term stay after the 5th trip. Church planters may face a similiar challenge if part of a larger movement – I knew one who ended up in New Zealand, then Australia, then Nashville, then East Nashville. When I was in East Nashville with this church planter, I almost bought a home – I prequalified, I was one day away from delivering my ‘money in earnest’ when I called my Pastor to discuss this. He felt we had no idea if our church plant would be successful,  and to wait before buying. That was a wise decision as the church only lasted 2 years and I ended up moving 3 more times afterwards based on God’s call. So I encourage people to consider their calling – renting may mesh well with their calling. I may be a renter for life if I am serving the kingdom forever as a travelling missionary. And in that case, renting may be a long term plan.
  • Call me crazy but I also believe that if I am ever to settle down, God will provide me with a home. But if not, definately targeting a 15 year mortgage and an early payoff.

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