Backyard Visions

As my next project I am looking for a 12×24 outdoor shed. It needs to be able to be insulated and electricity capable. Above all else the roof and structure needs to be waterproof. I want to develop the inside to store books, collectibles, and other items.

Robertson County permits a 12×20 shed without additional permitting. I do have an electrical line from a pre-existing barn / shed that I took down due to stability issues. The line is off but intact.

Here is the outside of a 12×24 structure.

Here is my floor plan for the inside. The idea is that one side is books on shelves and other items displayed nicely, the other side is tub-stacking friendly. I would prefer a split unit provide the climate control.

As far as I can guess, a structure starts around $7600 and then additional work would need done to accommodate the split unit, flooring, insulation and the best roof to keep out water.

I am not 100% sure due to trees whether the shed would need built on site or could be built elsewhere and dropped on the property.

Cash would be my preferred option. Rent to Own may be faster but I also don’t know if I’m restricted from modifying it on a rent-to-own.

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