Effectively Injured

On Thursday December 27, 2018 I sustained a minor injury that none the less required me to use a ‘scooter’ inside stores and for the most part, stay off my feet. I got to see the retail world from a different perspective in the scooters and having difficulty walking. Here’s how it went down.

WalMart  4424 Lebanon Pike, Hermitage, TN 37076. This WalMart showed 1 item in-stock, a Transformers Constructicon Devistator set. It wasn’t on the shelf, the customer service line was a bit long and it was possible it was either in the returns or in the back. An associate who’s name I didn’t catch did an outstanding job at looking up front, in the back, etc for the set. It was not in stock and was showing as the only WalMart location in the area that did have one. He didn’t make me walk all around the store, he allowed me to wait in the aisle. A-. Great service but would have been better since I drove half an hour to this location and still left without the gift set.

Kroger 510 State Hwy 76 E, White House, TN 37188. This Kroger was interesting. I came in one entrance and asked about a scooter. A young man advised me it was low on power and advised me there were more at the other entrance. Quite a walk. I wondered why the young man didn’t just bring one over. Asking some who needs a scooter to take a long walk seemed rather counter intuitive. Once in the scooter, I was in the rear and I opened a cooler door but struggled and couldn’t reach a carton of orange juice. This speaks more to the clientele The clientele just stood there watched me struggle, then as I pulled away others went in and grabbed what they wanted. Seriously? There were two others insistent on blocking the clearance markdowns and got offended when I asked if they saw a particular product in the bins they were continually blocking. This was a D+.

Speedway 505 State Hwy 76, White House, TN 37188. This was the best experience. I was struggling in-store and Jackson, working the Speedy Cafe, offered to carry my food out to my car and shared stories of his leg injuries. He did so without being asked by me, sought his manager’s permission and by far was the superior response. A+