Church Tour

Trove Heights

Trove Heights – Non Denominational Church in Nashville
500 Interstate Blvd S,
Nashville, TN 37210

Sunday Service Time: 10am

Trove Heights is a very high energy church – hitting a low point probably doesn’t happen here. The church has a strong focus on worship – it’s almost like a rock-and-roll adventure – but the energy stays throughout the service – from beginning to end, from the entrance to the exit.

The church has moved to a new location at a venue called Tech Hill Commons. There are plenty of signs leading from the main road intersection up to the parking lot of the venue. It is a little bit of a drive and I did miss the entrance but GPS guided me in and it made more sense later when I left. Once in the parking lot, the rest is fairly intuitive.

Once inside, there is signage saying ‘welcome home’ and leading into the auditorium. Inside there are 3 seating sections seating roughly 100. To the rear is a sound and visual station, to the front is a space for the full band, lyric screen, and main speaker. I was greeted by several people including the main speaker. When I wasn’t being greeted there was plenty of information on the screen.

On the screen, announcements scroll ranging from an introduction of the pastors to socials and text community. The phrase “Welcome Home” is repeated here as well until a countdown to the start of service appears.

At the start of service, the worship team comes out. Since it’s not an elevated stage, it is a bit more intimate as far as the worship atmosphere goes. The worship team is very high energy – while the term ‘rock-and-roll adventure’ probably wouldn’t amuse them, it’s exactly how I’d describe it. From percussion to keys to the front line, it’s very high energy as if there was a stage. There is even a guitar player that looks like he is assigned to the House of God. After the worship set, the middle segment began.

The middle segment filled in a lot of blanks. Like most churches, this one was in their period of prayer and fasting – an ambitious 21 day run. They were having prayer meetings, prayer calls, recruitment for small groups and intro classes, all for the new year. The main speaker took part of the segment to reinforce the Saturday morning prayer call, online prayer service, and other church related business before starting his message.

The main message was tied into the 21 days of prayer and fasting. The topic was largely the renewal of the mind, and how to achieve it through prayer, fasting, the word, and changing habits. In the mix the all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant ‘Golden Corral’ came up a few times – in a room full of fasting people I’m actually surprised the main speaker survived. He also spoke of being careful what you listen to in terms of songs, watch in terms of mature TV, and use of language. The message was fairly on target with what a prayer and fasting message should be. It concluded fairly smoothly with a look at Revelation 1:8 before transitioning into the closing segment.

The closing segment had some business to take care of. New visitors were directed how to fill out the new visitor card, tithe and offering was announced, and a final song was done as the congregants were dismissed. There was an emphasis on Trove Heights being a home for new visitors – I’m a bit more deliberative than most – for me it’s a prayer and consideration process, not an immediate dive however for some they may indeed know immediately that they have been ‘Welcomed Home’ as it were. It was a pretty swift final segment.

Trove Heights Church isn’t for the sleepy. It’s a high energy church with a focus on worship but a vibrance that continues throughout the service. It’s actually amazing to me that a fasted speaker and worship team had that much energy a week or so into a fast. For those wanting to do high octane worship on NOS, this is the church for you.