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The house to purchase
The house to purchase

In Memory of Kiki

As of now my anxiety levels are going through the roof each day.  It’s raising many of my at-risk levels as well as putting  stroke / blood pressure risk pretty high. It started when I got a notice that the house I renting may be bought by someone else.

About 6 months ago I got the vision to take what I do – helping people and helping rescue / foster animals. From 2008-2012 my home was open to inner city school kids and from 2012-2016 I mentored and eventually adopted my daughter, who is now 23.

I told my property manager I was renewing the lease for another year (9/16-9/17) to give me time to prepare to buy the house so I can use it to help others.  I renewed my lease in September 2016 with the intent of working towards purchasing this rental home in September 2017.  I began permanently anchoring some shelving to the wall and other changes in preparation for a purchase.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping others in need – kids, students, young adults, animals, entrepreneurs, and others through mentorship,  food needs, utility assistance, computer giveaways, shelter, free computer / internet services, free websites for businesses and more through my own finances as well as a few donors.

I wanted to do this for the next 10-15 years so I made a plan to purchase the house I am renting which would take the property manager out of the risks & liability as well as remove some restrictions that I have as a renter that once lifted, would help change / save more lives.

Unfortunately we got a call from the property management stating new potential buyers were coming to see the house the next day. It turned out to be a group of inspectors.

The inspection raised issues with some of the rescue animals I am housing. It’s made buying this house or a house even more of a priority than ever before and caused my BP and anxiety levels to spike.  The only alternative is to pack all of them into a car and run.  I thought about that a few times.

The deal is not done yet and we would like to continue to try to purchase this house. If we absolutely cannot, we’d like to purchase another similiar house in the area we serve. Right now we are housing some fosters / rescues and they are at risk. I want to stay at / near areas that need served like this one.

What we need is:

$10,000 to make me mortgage eligible (to pay off some medical bills and other things on the credit report that makes me ineligible to buy the house) plus $26,000 down payment or

Some major help doing legwork to creatively package me to be approved by a lender or

$135,000 cash to do an outright purchase. An angel dropping $135,000 or a big job from my technology business that paid up front  would be great!

Right now there are some challenges:

My credit score isn’t quite where it needs to be for a mortgage.  Getting the medical paid off would be the pathway.

While this goes on my rescues could be euthanized.

The anxiety over this could kill me eventually if prolonged.

Time before it’s sold to someone else or the animal’s I’ve rescued are forced back out.

I started doing this when I found one hit and killed on my road.  A child was hit the same day on the same stretch of road. I vowed to make a difference and try to save lives.

Here is the GoFundMe to help try to raise funds to buy the home. Can anyone else help? Realtors? Mortgage brokers? Others?  Time is running out.

I am praying, seeking to turn over the anxiety to God and believing this is in his hands, but also believing it’s time to try to take some practical actions to keep saving lives. I’ve given all I have and sold 75% of my belongings in the last few years to help fund serving others.

We need your help, your ideas, and your prayers. I have not slept well the last few nights. It’s time to try.  I may not have much time left. I made several offers / suggestions and shared my heart with the current property owners but it may not be enough.

Update: 2/17/2017:  I have spent the day asking some of Nashville’s greatest minds and leaders to review this page and see if they have any insights on how to proceed to save this, get the house, etc.


Thank You


Ron Hall

Orphans Dream