I get a lot of questions. Here is where I will do my best to answer some...

Why Don't You Tell Your story?

I am working on writing a book and potentially developing a speaking platform. I used to speak at churches in New York City including the Community Church of Great Neck and Greater Fellowship Church in New York City as well as a one time visit to Life Ministries International in Augusta, Georgia.  I've shared the story overseas in Kenya and Zambia via orphanages & college events.

Do you take in cat rescues?

I work with an entire community of people in Nashville and beyond to help save abandoned and unwanted kittens and cats.

Do you have hobbies?

Of course! I like to watch old tv shows on DVD as well as read comic books & enjoy related collectibles; I can be found in Hot Topic looking for little pop keychains with help from "superstar" management team  member Rachel.  My favorite movies include Transformers: The Movie and Jetsons: The Movie. One of my favorite TV shows is the 1980's Twilight Zone revival, and my favorite fiction author of all time is Alan Brennert, who wrote "Her Pilgrim Soul".