In this new era, I am looking for jobs to help fund this effort.

There are three things I must accomplish this year:

  1. Raise $13,212 to cover the previous missions expenses which are still owed from my work with the kids, rescuing animals, etc by December 31, 2016.
  2. Raise either $135,000 for a zero down mortgage on the house or $30,000 to cover 20% down plus closing costs by August 31, 2017.
  3. Start stocking up on supplies from the supply list & funds for use such as transportation and supplies to store and give out, continually from Fall 2016-Summer 2017.

Since this is not a designated 501c(3) effort, there is no donation system available for this effort.  The best thing you can do is hire me for something.

But if you want to make a donation of some kind you can go to the Gofundme page for Orphans Dream – know it will will be a ‘gift’ and not ‘tax deductible’. But I prefer work and jobs that can help grow my business and support this effort organically.

If I can raise this, monthly expenses drop to $1500 which makes my business able to support this effort nearly indefinately and fund some needs of those I serve. I live a minimalist lifestyle and have very few hobbies. My hobbies are inexpensive.  My TV in my bedroom is a 32″ tube TV, the living room is a rear projection unit. I keep it simple.

The goal to raise the entire asking price now. $135,000 at 3.57% over 30 years fixed is $220,139.17. That is the true cost of doing this. We can save $85,139.17 now, which over the course of time will create more time each month to serve people, animals, and businesses.

Head over to for more information.