About the Dream

Since late 2008, I’ve always used my home as a place of refuge for those in need. From the open homes I ran for kids in 2008-2012, the first cat I took in – “Ophelia Rose” in Nashville – who was re-homed and is still at her furever home to this day, I’ve always made my homes a sanctuary for those in need.

But renting has limitations on animals as well as guests. The vision for “New Visions: Orphan’s Dream” is to buy this home and make it a midway stop for cats who need fostering on their way to a permanent home – ones that specifically have special needs such as geriatrics, broken or amputated legs, blind, or other such special needs. It’s also to have my guest room available as needed for the different situations I encounter on a regular basis where a room for the night could make a difference on someone’s journey.

I also hope to stockpile supplies people need for others doing the same, i.e. bath soap, towels, kitty litter, cat food, litterboxes, jackets, vouchers, grocery cards, etc – supplies for both animals and people in need. I hope to serve those who aren’t served by other systems and organizations.

It’s my dream as an orphan to continue to live a lifestyle of ‘giving back’. It’s what was done for me in 1975 when my evacuation as an orphan was coordinated. I’ve always tried to give back since I moved down to Tennessee and hope to continue to. I have committed to this “new vision” for a decade, until 2026.

Let’s see what comes of it. There’s still a lot of work to do. There’s no bed frame, no mattress, a lot of repainting, holes to fill, shower curtains to hang, window drapes to get installed, and so much more as well as supplies to acquire.

There is a GoFundMe. There’s my company Lemur Technology. We’re going to make this a reality. With your help. Donate. Hire me. Help me to help others and together we’ll change the world, one life at a time.