Orphans Dream

me-and-imperialDear Friends,

For the last 6 years, I had been planning to move to Los Angeles for a season of rest and working with the homeless. I have spent the last decade in Nashville opening up my home to those in need, helping kids in need, fostering abandoned cats, and others in the Nashville area around the clock.

With all my belongings packed and stacked in my living room, I began to see potential for the house I was renting, and decided to cancel the move, and make plans to buy the house within a year. My hope is to use it as a base for all the different kinds of efforts I’ve dedicated my life to in the last decade:  kids in need, fostering abandoned cats, and situations that fall in the normal range of services offered by others.

I want to be able to use one side of the house to help people, help cats, stockpile supplies for those in need, and serve as the base of operations for things now and in the future. I want to be able to foster kitties who would otherwise be euthanized or are less desirable, as well as help young people who may need help during transitional stages in their lives.

I will be working to raise $148,000 to buy the house to be able to do this. I am currently renting it. I have sold the vast majority of my possessions to fund my efforts over the last 10 years in Nashville. It’s my hope through jobs with my company, Lemur Technology LLC and donations that this house can be purchased and continue to be used for these efforts. Buying it with 100% cash will save $85,000 over the next 30 years and allow more people to be helped. Your donation or hiring of me for jobs will impact generations to come. If I can raise this cash, then the business will continue to sustain the effort on a monthly basis. That’s the beauty of this.

I hope my efforts over the next 10 years in this house “serve as a bridge during life’s hardest crossroads”.

Let’s change the world together, one life at a time. Please check out the latest story: Saving Kittens and consider supporting me by hiring me or donating today.





crisis-006Time is running out. The house was already put up for sale. The deal’s not final, there’s still time to try to save this.

Crisis updates are here!