Kenya 2007



An excerpt from Kenya, 2007

Kenya 2007

The most recent trip was in April 2007 to Nairobi and Nakuru, two cities in Kenya. 

messageofafricafront2In April of 2007, I headed to the Sub Saharan country of Kenya.  After some quick fundraising, I was on my way to what would become an incredible adventure to help reach the people of Africa.
Africa is a continent in need. The AIDS epidemic has claimed countless lives, created many orphans, and continues to ravage the continent. While many governments continue to send aid to the continent, I believe change will happen one life at a time. That each moment spent is a seed planted in the life of a future leader of Africa, whether they’re a political leader, business leader, or family leader.

stephenlooksup_smallI headed back to Kenya from April 5th-15th.  Kenya is one of the nations that was hit by the AIDS pandemic, leaving it with many AIDS orphans. With widespread poverty, medical care’s in very short supply, many cases go untreated.
My mission was to be an agent of hope in this nation, working alongside a local church
Pastor with an orphanage in their efforts to bring lasting change to Kenya. On the mission, I reached out in the following ways:
Orphan Ministry – I worked to have an impact the lives of future African leaders: the children. I will be spent time with orphans at the GCC orphanage in Nairobi as well as older children in a nearby home in Nakuru. There were 36 children.  GCC also runs the GCC HIV/AIDS Extension which has 19 children.
The work of service was  spending time with orphans, encouraging, teaching, playing sports and games, and imparting a sense of destiny to these treasured ones.  I will also spent time around the orphanage doing ‘whatever was necessary’ to help maintain & be of service.
Supplies  – Provided much needed supplies to the orphanage

Previous Missions
In 2003 I attended a conference in Los Angeles where there were people of many nations. It was there I came to believe I’d spend my life travelling the world, doing what I could to help along the way.

in 2005, the first opportunity arose – Zambia – I learned the ropes of international travel, Orphanages, and more. We spent time building and upgrading parts of the orphanage as well as time with the kids.

Spring 2006 offered up a new opportunity to head to Zambia once again – and among the things that came my way – seeing an orphan my previous team believed had died, spending more time at the orphanage, speaking at a campus meeting at the University of Zambia, training a local leader, bringing administrative support to a new church, and going on foot into the shanty towns where AIDS isn’t the only affliction. Zambia 2006 is featured here.

Summe 2006 took me to a new place, Kenya. Serving as Team Leader to David Webb, I was able to experience Africa on a whole new level. We had 10 days of day-in-day-out time with the kids, going on trips, spending quality time with the older kids, and really bringing a sense of hope.