Church Tour

Grace Center

Grace Center, a non-denomnational church in Nashville
2420 Bethlehem Loop Rd,
Franklin, TN 37069

Sunday Service: 9am, 11am

Grace Center is a church unafraid to sit and soak in worship as well as do different worship expressions. It’s located in Franklin TN and is well suited for those who are wired for worship. From beginning to end it was very thoughtful and intentional with it’s program.

Entering the church parking lot is tricky as there didn’t seem to be a visible sign but plenty of people guiding cars in this particular lot. One wrong turn and you end up at the well marked Methodist church. Once guided in, the church was fairly intuitive on the inside for a non-denomnational church in Nashville.

Once inside, there was a welcome sign and the sanctuary. There was the stage, ample seating, and two side screens along with a center. The sanctuary filled rather fast as it was both the time-change Sunday as well as a new service time. One started, the service was in no rush to finish any one segment.

The worship segment was not rushed. There were plenty of forms of worship from kneeling to flags to singing. The flag worship was beautiful. At no point did the worship team rush to the next song. They allowed for a period of flowing and soaking fairly confident that their environment allowed for that.  The next segments were equally non-rushed.

The tithe segment followed which had an interesting format. There was a slide with recitation – “As we receive today’s offering we are believing the Lord for: Jobs and better jobs, raises and bonuses, etc…”.  It was an interesting moment before the message.

The message began after the tithe. A speaker introduced the guest speaker. The guest speaker raised an interesting question about the worship song “This is how we fight our battles, this is how” – that the song never explicitly explains “how we fight our battles” – and then proceeded to arm some congregants with sticks that needed to be pounded but at the same time preserved for the next service which was prompted by a slide towards the end about picking up one’s children.

Grace Center, non-denomnational church in Nashville, is unafraid to keep it’s format flexible so no one segment is rushed. I think it’s great for those wired to go-with-the-flow. It’s willingness to be present-in-the-moment makes it a good choice for those who do not want to rush out for an NFL game or Sunday brunch.