Church Tour

Zeal Church

Zeal Church Nashville, a non-denomnational church in Nashville
5807 Charlotte Pike,
Nashville, TN 37209

Sunday Service Times:  8:00am, 9:30am, 11:15am

Zeal Church is appropriately named as a place where there is great energy and enthusiasm through out the service. From parking to exit there are people everywhere excited for what’s going on inside and outside. One would be blind not to see it from the moment you pull into the parking lot.

Pulling into the parking lot off Charlotte Avenue is a bit tricky. It’s the entrance right beside Kroger but not Kroger itself. The church looks like a big barn. There are cones and plenty of people to guide parking. The parking lot is filled with tents for connect, outreach, and coffee. One can easily follow a line of people to get inside.

Once inside you go up a stairs and into the sanctuary. The sanctuary is a barn with very high ceilings, an abundance of seating, and an LED wall above the stage. The LED wall cycles through announcements such as kids programs. There is a camera on a dolly to the left, 2 stage displays to the rear and array of lighting up front which goes like wildfire during worship.

Worship was a 3 or 4 song set with video up top on the LED and lyrics on the lower thirds. The room had a concert-like atmosphere with excitement filling the room. The set made good use of light and video before announcements and tithe occurred at this non-denomnational church in Nashville

Announcements and tithe were fairly straight forward as they talked about serving others, a giving tree, and ways to give. The emphasis seemed to be on facing outward, not inward. They also announced their ‘Heart of the House’ offering where they are trying to raise about $6 million for a new complex but later in the service made it clear it was about reaching others. The message started fairly soon after.

The message was on Zeal Church’s mission, vision, and values. The speaker asked relevant questions such as “What Kind of House is This?” and cited scriptures accordingly. Everything seemed to tie back to reaching others and being on mission. Phrases such as “Services are a call to the lost and a launching pad to the believer” made this point abundantly clear along with excellence and innovation. The message began to wind down as the keyboard player took to the stage.

As the message wound down, the speaker talked about the new complex they are wanting to do. The need was stat3ed as $6.2m with $5m to raise. The degree of transparency was unparalleled and you left with little question as to the complex, costs, and purpose. It was a model example of how to do a campaign as the center was always reaching people with the Gospel.  

Leaving was a reverse of arriving at Zeal Church. You went down the stairs, past the tents, and to your car. You were exit-greeted every step of the way. Zeal Church’s message was the monumental task ahead of them but executed, the message was heavy on the mission to reach people and light on the actual financial giving need. I have no doubt they’ll make it as they keep the great commission at the center as they did this day. Zeal Church, non-denomnational church in Nashville, is aptly named and great for anyone who is high energy and enthusiastic for the Gospel.