As many of you are aware, I spent a season, with much of your help, rescuing cats in the Madison, TN area. I have since relocated and have brought all the unhomeable and special needs cats with me. They include “Not Moe” and “Buddy” both of which are FIV+ and may otherwise be euthanized, “Mr. Siamese” who was abandoned at a local drug store (and has behavior issues), “Tabby” and her kittens whom a neighbor wanted to shoot and kill, and so many others. I also have a near 20 year old turtle who a restaurant owner once asked me “how would like him cooked” when he was just a baby being sold on the streets of Chinatown in New York City. He could live to be 40.

Maintaining the home is largely an entrepreneurial venture funded by my business, Lemur Technology LLC – by computer repairs, internet marketing, etc. But if anyone ever wants to donate or has a lead on good prices on these items, it would be most helpful. I am in a rural area, largely to accommodate those I rescued, and as such, inclement weather will effectively strand us. I stockpiling for when it’s undrivable or inclement.  you can paypal at , go to my Amazon wish list which delivers right to our door: or an ongoing GofundMe.  We can always use additional quantities of anything even if it’s just a roll of paper towels if you see me out-and-about somewhere. Some cats ‘miss the box’ daily. Paper towels and Mr. Clean are our best friends.

I once put on boots and snow gear to walk 20 minutes in an ice storm for laxative for my abandoned rescue Kiki, she could have died that day due to her kidney / liver failure. The car wasn’t going to leave the driveway, so I hoofed it. I am now too far away to do that. So I am working hard and have been working hard to stockpile things I need to help give my rescues the best lives some of them have left.

I’ve included Amazon and Walmart links where possible for illustrative purposes only, i.e, if you want to see what it looks like. Some of the pricing is good, others we’re way better off getting it locally.

Direct Cat Supplies:
Cat litter (clumping, non clumping or crystals, we use them all but especially crystals) (120 lbs per month) (Amazon)(✔)
Puppy Pads (Any size Pack, 1 per month) (Amazon)(✔) – Stocked Up
Dry cat food (Kit n Kaboodle, Nine Lives, Cat Chow, etc) (120 lbs per month) (Amazon) (✔)
Wet cat food (9 lives, fancy feast, etc) (30 cans per month) (Amazon)  (✔)
Cat scratching things, toys, posts (any) (amazon) (X)
Any kitty medicines / supplements (any) (X)
Cat Litter (Crystals – Kroger Brand)  (8 bags per month) (Kroger) (manual delivery, can’t find anyone who will deliver cheaper ones cost effectively)
Flea treatment (Advantage 55lb+ dog, (4 six-packs per year) (Amazon)

Cleaning Supplies (aren’t they a mess! I do cleaning EVERY DAY!)
Laundry detergent (Liquid or powder, any brand but not HE / High Efficiency) (use: 2 larger containers per month) (Amazon(✔)
Bar soap (use: 4 bars per month) (Amazon – Irish Spring) (✔)
Dishwasher soap machine (use: 2 boxes per month) (Walmart(✔)
Sponges with scruffys on side (use: 4 per month) (Amazon) (✔)
Kleenex / tissues (use: 4 boxes per month) (Amazon(✔)
Paper towels (use: 4 pack per month) (Amazon(✔)
Windex (use: 1 per month) (Amazon)  (X) Stocked Up
409 (use: 1 per month) (Amazon(X)Towels / clothes especially smaller hand towels (use: 1 per month) (X)
Dish soap manual (use: 1 bottle per month) (Amazon) (X)
Mr clean/ mop soap (use 2 per month) (Amazon) (X) – Stocked Up
Clorox (use: 1 per month)(Amazon)  (X) Stocked Up
Mop + Glo (use: 1 per month) (Amazon)(x) Stocked Up
Automatic Spray Airfreshner Refills (Amazon) (use: 4 individual cans per 2 months , 12 two-packs, or $60 worth per year at WalMart)  (X)

RidX – for use in the septic tank

General Supplies
Trash bags and Contractor Bags (2 boxes per month) (Regular Amazon) (Contractor Amazon) (✔)
Toilet Paper (16 rolls per month i.e. four 4 packs) (Amazon 32 pack(✔) Stocked Up
Light bulbs (LED, incandescent, CFC etc) (13 total needed) (Amazon Daylight) (Amazon Soft Light) (X)
Lighters / fluid (we do not have trash pickup) Stocked Up

Direct Turtle Supplies
Turtle water conditioner and food (freeeze dried shrimp, reptomin pellets, etc) (Amazon – Food Sampler Pack – Perfect!) (12 per year)
1 reptile basking light.(4 per year) (Amazon) (x)

Personal (for my reference only)

Dandalion tea (Yogi Brand  preferred) (Walmart(✔)
Irish Spring Wash (Amazon) (X)
Napkins (X)
Toothpaste (X)
First Aid Kit (X)
Band Aids (X)
Supplements / medication (Berberine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Methyl Folate, Cinnamon) (✔)
Shampoo / conditioner *(X)
Energy / protein bars (for those snowed in days)

Water bottles (24 pack 8oz any brand) (Sam’s Club)
Diet Pepsi or Diet Green Tea (24 cans per month)

RT: $40 Mid, $20 Mid, $70 End, $50 Beg, $63 Bi-M