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Fellowship Nashville

Fellowship Nashville -a non-denomnational church in Nashville
521 McIver St,
Nashville, TN 37211

Sunday Service: 10am

Fellowship Nashville is a church that lives up to it’s name. It’s a church that seems to value community, prayer, and walking together. The church is located near Nolenville Rd and is fairly easy to find with GPS.  It is a church that understands not everyone has a theology degree and not everyone is wired the same.

The outside of the church is well marked. The parking lot is easy to navigate and the front doors are not hidden. Once inside, there’s a well sized lobby that leads to the sanctuary. There are plenty of people to help you find your way.

Once inside the sanctuary there are 3 sections of seating, the stage, and rear sound booth / stage display. The stage display was particularly impressive as it both provided lyrics / next slides during worship and the main display / next slide during announcements. I was greeted at least 4 times in a nice but not intrusive way. The stage was set for 3 strings, percussion, and vocals. Announcements cycled on the main screen before service started.

The worship set consisted of 3 songs with lyrics overhead. The lyrics were easy to see and the band did well less a keyboard player. The group as a whole sounded good considering that absence and injected a scripture which set the tone for worship. The worship set concluded swiftly as the transition segment took over.

The transition segment included a few items. There was a thorough update on an overseas project the church was supporting through special offerings, new visitor directions, and the tithe / offerrings. The main segment would be a bit different, not what you might expect at a non-denomnational church in Nashville.

The main segment was dedicated to prayer in small groups. While this could be awkward, the main speaker advised anyone not good with praying outloud to find someone who prays long prayers. I found this to be reassuring that the church had a firm understanding that not everyone is wired the same. I found myself invited into a prayer group with other visitors which helped make it easier for a first time visitor. There was no pressure put on me. The time went pretty fast.

As the time went, the next segment started which was a preview of their next message series on Habakkuk. There was a nice overview video in laymans terms to explain the book. It was about 5 minutes long but did a fairly good job at explaining the book and it’s narrative. It led into the final segment.

The final segment was a song and dismissal. Overall this church seemed to place a great value on prayer, fellowship, and understanding based on it’s prayer segment and video explaining Habikuk. This church seemed well suited for the first time guest at a non-denomnational church in Nashville with an understanding not everyone is a biblical scholar or interecessory prayer warrior.