I am effectively homeless

My improvised workspace during this time of being ‘effectively homeless’.

Happy 4th of July 2018.

Due to my home not being ready, I am going to be at the Motel 6 in White House. It will give me access to both my storage and the new property where I have tasks to tend to in order to help facilitate a faster move-in as well as continue to allow me to work and earn money.

 If anyone wants to donate, it’s $74/night at the Motel 6 and I can provide receipts upon request. http://paypal.me/careycat – best time estimate is 2 weeks but even a donation of $74 for one night will help keep me off the streets.  You can use Visa / MC / Discover / Paypal. The Motel 6 in White House is prepay so i need to start locking in dates now.

Would you consider doing a donation of $74 today at http://paypal.me/careycat

One other has and I need to lock in some dates before they become unavailable. I have already begun making some payments and paying everything else including utilities, but I am asking for help here. We have done floors, subfloors, some joists, reframed nearly every room, drywall, replumbed the whole thing with PVC, the main water line, all power outlets….the only thing we didn’t do it seems is the exterior, decks, porch, and electric wiring itself. It’s been an episode.

I’d couch surf but it’s hard on both the host and me due to the hours I keep for my job and the ins-and-outs I need to make due to this crisis. Any funds above what is needed will be applied to the other fifty million expenses related to this that keep cropping up.

So could Would you consider doing a donation of $74 today at http://paypal.me/careycat – I need to lock in dates asap.