2 Year Anniversary

2 of 3 litters of dogs rescued during late 2019.

2 Years ago after much fundraising and a period of being ‘effectively homeless’ I moved into a new home. Many people made it financially possible through donations both to the home and to the Motel 6 to house me while I was waiting to move in as well as efforts to keep the cats housed during that uncertain time.

It’s been two years and I wanted to once again express my appreciation. 
We are now 41.66% paid off. $45,000 out of $108,000. 2 years down, 3 more to go. 

Over the last year we worked hard to rescue and rehome 28 dogs and pups from this property mainly headed up by a local rescue organization comprised of volunteers.

When I first looked at the property there were packs of dogs running around. Over the fall and winter of 2019-2020 the dogs broke into my crawlspace for warmth and gave birth to several litters who burrowed their way into my insulation. With input from the local vet and help of a local rescue organization we got all the dog mamas and papas removed, fixed, and rehomed along with at least 20 puppies, some only a few days old.

The puppies were moved with their mamas so they were still able to be nursed and taken care of. Afterward we managed to fix the crawlspace so it won’t happen again. We have not observed any dogs running up and down the street or near the property. This has been an issue for years according to the local vet. 

Some pups were only days old and were born as the temperature was dropping to 16 degrees. They most likely would not have survived that night without intervention that the rescue organization provided. Unlike cats, some pups grow to become man’s best friend and teach valuable lessons to young children about responsibility and loyalty. Others grow to be trained to be service dogs, emotional support dogs, or simply but not any less – a person’s best friend. 

The final litter of dogs, many were cut out of the crawlspace.

I’m not a dog person and I’d never have imagined moving here would result in the rescue and rehoming of 28 dogs. 28 cats maybe but not dogs. 

Thank you again for donating two years ago. I’ve attached two photos which represent most of the dogs rescued as well as our 2019 recap. I never ever would have predicted this kind of outcome when I was in the motel 6. Never. 

With appreciation at 2 years into this…