How to Shop for Lower Auto Insurance Rates in Nashville

There are more cars on the road in Nashville than ever before.
There are more cars on the road in Nashville than ever before.

Did you know by simply living in the Nashville area, your insurance rates may be on the rise? Nashville is fast attaining the status of an ‘It’ city. An average of 100 people a day are moving to Nashville, and with that there are more cars on the road than ever before.

“Instead of being rewarded, plenty of people with good driving records are being punished for a long list of reasons, including living in an “it city” like Nashville.” Reports WSMV’s Tom Randies (Is Nashville’s growth driving up insurance premiums, Tom Randies, Feb 28, 2017).

Some body shops are backlogged or fast running low on room to work on cars. WSMV Channel 4 reports Mark Harris of Whaley’s Body Shop of Nashville can’t turn cars around as fast as they used to.

Harris said Whaley’s used to turn around a customer’s damaged car and get it back on the road in a matter of days. Not anymore.

“Its surprising people are willing to wait that long to get their car fixed, but from what I understand, it’s like that all over town,” Harris said to WSMV (Is Nashville’s growth driving up insurance premiums), Tom Randies, Feb 28, 2017)

WSMV went further to advise checking rates and raising the coverage for rentals no their policies. If you want to shop your insurance for a lower rate, you’ll need to contact an agent who deals in many different companies. Rob Martinek of Martinek Insurance does just that and is offering to check rates for you across several companies at no charge. There’s no risk and you have nothing to lose.

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