Beauty on a Budget – A Smarter Way to Save

Years ago I realized my number one downfall at the grocery store were the non-food groceries. I couldn’t win. I’d have such a low bill and then…I’d scan the non food items. There had to be a better way. I feed so many rescued cats. I needed to find a way to save. Then I found that way: Beauty on a Budget, a vendor set up at the FleaLand Kentucky Flea Market.

As I just noted, Beauty on a Budget sets up at the Bowling Green “Flealand” Flea Market (100 Three Springs Road, Bowling Green, KY 42104, Sat-Sun 9am-5pm) on weekends. What I have found is that the name is a bit of a misnomer – while it has a wide variety of HBC (Health & Beauty Care) items, I’ve been known to find cat food, a hooded litterbox, alternative health products such as arnica, and a power converter for one’s car. Here are some great ways to save at Beauty on a Budget in Bowling Greek, KY at Flealand:

Going on a road trip? Don’t get stuck paying THESE prices on-the-road:

Road Trip the right way! Who wants to pay convenience store prices in an emergency? Road trip emergencies seldom happen near WalMart!
Why pay convenience store prices and only get a few doses when you can pay practically the same if not less and get a full pack – some for your trip and some for when you get back!

Buying for a Trip: We all know emergencies happen during road trips / vacations. Something doesn’t digest well from a fast food restaurant or you get a headache on the road.  Have you seen the prices of a few doses of a pain killer at the convenience store? It’s great if you need it but this is an emergency easily prevented by buying before you go. There are some basics that happen on a road trip: indigestion, stomach discomfort, motion sickness, migraines, headaches, back aches, and allergies. Buying in advance at Beauty on a Budget allows you to both be prepared and have an ample supply of medication should the emergency never happen. While stock varies from week to week, it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open for medications you may need on the road.

I even found cat food – the GOOD stuff! This only ran me $2.50!
I even found a litter box for $10! You have to check back regularly as this was the only one and once I bought it…you know the rest!

The Odd items: I’ve seen everything from cat food to toys at Beauty on a Budget. The key here is to keep your eyes open for those items and browse very carefully. I have gotten $10 of cat food for $2.50, a hooded litter box for $10, and all kind of other miscellaneous items. These items generally go fast and only last a day or so from what I’ve seen. The trick is checking each weekend – or as often as you can within reason / economics. I try to make sure what I save exceeds gas spent.

This hand lotion was great when my hands were drying from being oversantized during COVID-19.

The Regular Items: I’ve shopped shampoo, soap, deodorant, hand lotion, and other regular items most people burn through. Why spend more on things you will ‘burn through’?

These gloves only cost me $2.50 a box!

The Cleaning Supplies: From latex gloves to dish washing detergent I’ve seen some great items come through the Beauty on a Budget Flea Market booth. These items are very expensive at the regular stores and you have to snap it up when you see it at Beauty on a Budget. I used to use gloves sparingly for household tasks, changing bulbs in my car, etc but now I have enough to use them a bit more often. One secret is these are useful when applying medications on animals when you shouldn’t touch the medication i.e. Mirtazapine for cats. I glove up, then put the medication on the glove, and apply it to the cat.

Things to Know

Stock varies so you have to check from week to week. I cannot emphasize this enough – I’ve seen things disappear from week to week. You have to be quick. I never fail to find something that I can save some money on and the more money I can save on regular supplies, the more money is left for…wait for it…wait for it… cat food! In the end all the savings translates to….cat food!

Where and When:

Beauty on a Budget sets up at the Bowling Green “Flealand” Flea Market (100 Three Springs Road, Bowling Green, KY 42104, Sat-Sun 9am-5pm) on weekends. Parking is FREE.