Vinyl List

Vinyl Collection

I’ve included as much detail as I can however I am not a vinyl expert or collector.

Unsolved Mysteries Soundtrack (Single blue splatter, Terror Vision TV013)

Transformers Original Television Series Score (FYE Exclusive, split color variant, Enjoy Toons ETT016)

Batman TV Theme (Panda Childrens Records, PAN-3035

Batman and Robin (Tifton, 78002)

Mister Rogers: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (Small World Records, 70312)

Monica: After the Storm {Promo Vinyl, J. Records, 80813-20031-1

Edison Originals 1878-1956 78th Anniversary (Red vinyl, FS-889)

Monica: Angel of Mine (Arista Promo, ADP-3575)

Monica: Street Symphony (Arista Promo, ADP-3703)

Styx: Kilroy Was Here (A&MSP 3734)

Battlestar Galactica (MCA 3051)

Buck Rogers (MCA 3097)

Cats (Geffen 2ghs 2031)

Chipmunk Christmas, a (RCA AQL1-4041)

Christmas with the Chipmunks (UA-LA352-E2)

12 Days of Christmas with the Chipmunks (Pickwick International / United Artists SPC-1035)

Here Comes Garfield (Epic BL-38136)

Jetsons the Movie (Promo Stamp, MCA-6431)

Man of LaMancha (Kapp Red Label Series, KRL-4505)

Married to. The Mob (Promo Stamp, Reprise. Records 1-25763)

Muppet Movie (SD 16001)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. (Atlantic Promo Stamp, Regular SD-19363)

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Capitol, SKBK 512360)

Television Theme Songs Mike. Post (Elektra, E-60028)

Transformers: The Movie (Scotti Brothers. Z 40430 BL

Wizard of Oz (Green. Vinyl, 75th RSD)

Aristocats, Story of (Disneyland 3995)

Childrens Bible (Peter Pan, DM 101)

Bionic Woman, the (Wonderland. Records, 1976, WLP 308)

E.T. Picture Disc

Lady and. The Tramp, Story and Songs from (Disneyland 3917)

Phantom Tollbooth (Caedmon TC1703)

Spidey Super Stories (cutout, Peter Pan, 8189)

Up,  Up and Away with the Adventures of Superman (Golden Age Records, 5009)

Transformers: Attack of the Decepticons (Kids Stuff KSS 5052)

Mariah Carey Buttefly Picture Disc (Columbia 88985456301)

Doctor WHO – City of Death (RSD DEMREC253)

Doctor WHO – Tomb of the. Cybermen (RSD DEMREC254)

Star Wars Porg (RSD D002790611)

Batman vs. the Riddler (Gold Price Circle, 7”, Power Records, F2293)


Flinstones F1255

Siamese Cat Song (Golden Records, D1958)

Star Trek III (Book Only, 463)

Star Trek II (462)

Scooby Doo and the Mystery of ther Strange Paw Prints (1985)

The Money Machine

Great Ball of Fire (Promenade RR21/24)

The Beatles Help / I’m Down (Capitol 54786)

Alvin’s Orchestra (Liberty, F55233)

Survivor,  Eye of the Tiger (Scotti Brothers, ZS5-02912)

Zingers from Hollywood Squares (Event Records, EV6903)

Tigertail Si Zentner and his Orchestra (Sesac reperatory recording AD78)

Merry Christmas Jackie Gleason (Capitol Records, EAP 1-7858)

Bob Morrison Santa Mouse c/w It is Christmas (Columba 4-43786)

Peter Rabbit (Peter Pan Records L13)

Love and Marriage (RCA Victor 47-6374)