Media Wish List

I used to own this. I missed this auction. This is a sold listing in 2021. I can’t believe Ebay Alerts did’n’t come through.

My Official Want List

In the late 1990’s I decided to start collecting every TV series I grew up with. I am done. Now it’s just current ongoing shows:

DVD / Blu Ray

Doctor WHO : the Flux (Blu Ray), Eve of the Daleks (Blu Ray)

NCIS LOs Angeles Season 11, 12  DVD

NCIS Season 18 DVD

NCIS New Orleans Season 7 DVD


DC Challenge #11 (reading copy)

Amazing Spider-Man #85 (January 12, 2022)

Star Trek (DC First Series)  Annual 2

Afterlife with Archie First Printings of #1, #2


transformers:Five Faces of Darkness

Back to the Future Widescreen

Twilight Zone : Creative Vision Set 3

transformers the Movie Hillcrane version