DVD Inventory

I enjoy collecting DVDs  especially TV Shows on DVD.

Updated Incrementally Updated 5/3/2018

TV Shows on DVD

10th Kingdom (Episodic 1-5 Mill Creek Version)

11.22.63 Complete Series

21 Jump Street Complete Series

A-Team Complete Series

Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet TV Favorites – ??

Adventures of Superman Seasons 1-5 (Complete Series)

After School  Specials 1979-1980

ALF Complete Series, Project ALF

Alvin and the Chipmunks: A Chipmunk Christmas (Paramount: CD + DVD): Chipmunk Christmas, Merry Christmas Mr. Carroll, Dave’s Wonderful Life

Amazing Stories Seasons 1-2 (Complete Series – Season 2 is Region 4 but playable)

Angel Complete Series

Andy Griffith Show 50th Anniversary Best of Mayberry Set

Andy Griffith Show TV Classics

Adventures of Aqua man  The Complete Collection (Filmation)

Astroboy Complete Series (2003)

Banjo the Woodpile Cat

Batman 1966 TV Series Complete series individual sets

Batman (The) vs. Dracula

Batman: Return to the Bat cave



The New Adventures of Batman and Robin (Filmation 1977)

Adventures of  Batman (Filmation, 1969)

Holy Batmania


Batman the Animated Series Complete, Batman & Mr. Freeeze, Mystery of the Batwoman

Batman: Secrets of the Caped Crusader

Batman Beyond Complete Series, Return of the Joker Rated and Unrated

Batman Superman Movie

Battlestar Galactica Pilot

Battlestar Galactica (new) Miniseries, Caprica

Benji 4 movie collection (Mill creek)

Benson Seasons 1 and 2 (Mill Creek)

Best of TV Show Detectives

Birds of Prey Complete Series

Black adder – The Complete Collectors Set

Bionic Woman, The (Complete Series)

Bionic Woman Season 1 (New Series)

Blue Bloods Seasons 1-7

Benson Season 1 & 2 Mill Creek

Brady Bunch Season 1 Lenticular Art Cover

Brady Bunch Seasons 1 & 2

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Complete Series

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pilot Disc

Buck Rogers Complete Series, Season 1, season 2 with tv pilot

Campion Complete Series

Care Bears – The Very First Episode – The Land without Feelings

Cheddars Wild West Adventures

Christmas Classics

Christmas Classics (The New)

Cricket in the Hearth

Chronicles of Narnia

Classic Christmas TV

Classic Commercials

Columbo Season 1,-7, Mystery Movie Collection 1989, 1991-1993 (Missing 1990 Movie Collection)

DC Superheroes: The Filmation adventures

Daria Complete Series

Dark Shadows DVD Collection 1,  8-13. *episodes from Victoria’s return to Quentin Collins arrival storylines, 26 (final volume), Beginnings 1-6 (Missing postcard Vol 4),

Dark Shadows 50th Collection

This 6-disc set contains the following:

The Haunting of Collinwood, The Vampire Curse, The Best of Barnabas, Fan Favorites, The Best of Angelique, and The Best of Quentin

dark shadows bloopers & treasures

dark shadows reunion

dark shadows special edition dvd (behind the scenes, nightmares and dreams, on location, inside the shadows)

Davey and Goliath 1-5, The New Skates (Tommy Nelson DVD)

Defenders of the Earth (Complete Series)(Mill Creek)

Dick Tracy: Lost TV Shows (Single Volume from Oldies.com)

Different Strokes Season 1 & 2  (Mill Creek)

Dick Tracy: Lost Shows (B.O’s Folly, Dick Tracy and Flattop, Hi Jack, Dick Tracy Meets Heels Beels)

Dick Tracy Volume 2: BB Eyes 2p, Foreign Agents (2p)

Dick Tracy: The Mole (4p)

Dick Van Dyke (Leisure Entertainment)

different strokes seasons 1-2, 8

Dilbert – The Complete Series

Dracula -the Complete Series

The Drew Carey Show – 1st Season, Television Favorites

Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion & Hazzard in Hollywood

Dungeons and Dragons Complete (Ink & Paint / Mill Creek)

Electric Company (TheBest of the Best)

Emmet Otters Jug band Christmas (Henson 25811),  HE9365 (Vivendi), Sony 50181

The Facts of Life Complete Series

Family Feud All Star (BCI)

Family Matters Season 1-5, 8-9

Fantastic Four (1990’s Marvel) Complete Series

Fantasy Island – Return to Fantasy Island

Fat Albert  Vol 1-2 (Entertainment Rights), Easter Special, Halloween Special)

Fat Albert Time Life #V852-06, V852-03, V852-07, V852-08

(Smoke Gets in Your Hair / Little Business / Junk Food, Readin, Ritin and Rudy, the Prankster, In My Merry Busmobile, The Newcomer ./ Suede Simpson / Smart Kid, The Bully, TV or not TV, The Shuttered Window)

Felix the Cat (Bazooka Edition)

The Flash (Cbs 1990)

Flash Gordon Animated Series (Ink & Paint – Complete)

Flintstones MiniDisc: Flinstones Flyer / Hot Lips Hannigan

Flipping Out (Season 4)

Fraggle Rock – Dance Your cares Away, the complete animated series

Ghostbusters: Best of (WalMart)

G.I. Joe Miniseries (with Snake Eyes figure), The MASS Device (Shout), Season 1 Parts 1-2, Season 2 part 2 (Rhino), Complete Season 2 (Shout), Spy Troops, Valor Vs. Venom, Dic Season 1  -2 , Sigma 6 Ninja Showdown, The Movie (Rhino)

g.i. Joe season 1.1 (shout factory)

G.I. Joe Toy DVDs: MASS Device / Revenge of Cobra / Pyramids of Darkenss / Arise Serpentor Arise / Best of 80’s Episodes

G.I. Joe Mass Device (Shout Single Disc)

G.I. Joe (Dic) Seasons 1-2

Gilmore Girls Pilot (Minidisc)

Goldbergs Season 1 & 2

Golden Years (Stephen King’s)

Good Times Season 1-4

Great Expectations (Animated)

Greatest American Hero Complete Series

Green Hornet (Brentwood Video)

Green Hornet 2-4(2-3 check condition)

H.R .Puffnstuff Complete Series (Rhino, Universal)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002) Set 1-3 (Complete series)

He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – 10 Best

Heathcliff: I Love Sonja, Best of, New Cat in Town, Fish Tales, King of the Beasts, Terror in the Neighborhood, Season 1 Vol 1 & 2 (Mill Creek), Complete Series (Mill Creek), Heathcliff the Movie (original DVD release)

Heathcliff and the Cadillac Cats (Shout) 4 disc set

Heroes Season 1-4

Hidden Kingdoms (Narrated by Stephen Fry)

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Highway to Heaven Season 1-3 (A&E), Seasons 1-5 (Mill Creek)

I Love Lucy Seasons 7-9

Incredible Hulk (1996 Animated)

The Incredible Hulk Complete Series, The Incredible Hulk Returns / Trial of the Incredible Hulk (Anchor Bay and Image Versions, Death of the Incredible Hulk

Inspector Gadget’s Greatest Adventure Ever

Iron Man (1990’s) Complete Series

Jack and the Beanstalk (2001 Hallmark)

Jetsons Meet the Flinstones

Josie and the Pussy Cats (Season 1)

Knight Rider Seasons 1-4, Best of the 80’s.

laverne and Shirley complete series.

Legends of the Superheroes (Warner MOD)

Little House on the Prairie: a Christmas They Never Forgot / the Craftsman

Little House on the Prairie: Christmas at Plum Creek / Creeper of Walnut Grove

Little House on the Prairie: Lord is my Sheppard

Little House on the Prairie: Premiere Movie

Little House on the Prairie: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Little House on the Prairie: The Collection

Little House on the Prairie: Journey Into SPring

Little House on the Prairie Season One (2003)

Little Rascals 2 DVDs

Little Rascals 4

Lois & Clark: New Adventures of Superman Complete Series

Martian Chronicles

Matlock Seasons 1-9 (Complete Series)

Munsters:  Seasons 1 & 2

Munsters: Family Portrait

Munsters Scary Little Christmas

Munsters Revenge (Goodtimes 4:3)

Munster Go Home (Goodtimes 4:3)

Munsters: 2 Movie Fright Fest (Universal, Go Home 1:85:1)

Munsters: Here Come the Munsters (import)

Muppet Show Season 1: Fur Edition, Season 2: Fur Edition,  Season 3 Fur Edition

Murder 101: Dick Van Dyke

Mr. Rogers – Adventures  in Friendship (With Vest?)

Mr. Rogers – A Day at the Circus (with Speedy Delivery Truck)

My Favorite Martian Season 3

My Two Dads Season 1-2

National Geographic: Pearl Harbor

NCIS 1-16

NCIS Los Angeles Seasons 1-10

New Adventures of He-Man Vol 1 & 2

Newlyweds Season 1

A Night of Great Comedy

Night Court Season 1-3, Television Favorites

Night Stalker (Remake)

Nip Tuck Seasons 2 & 3

One Step Beyond (Very Best, 50 episodes)

The Odyssey

Outer Limits: Death & Beyond, Fantastic Androids & Robots

Outer Limits: Season 1 (New series), Season 7 (New Series)

Paddington Bear – Complete Series (Cookie Jar)

Paddington Bear Marmalade Madness (28 episodes)

Planet Dinosaur

Poltergeist Season 1

Popeye’s Search for Pappy

Price is Right – Best of

Punky Brewster (8 episodes)

Quincy, M.E, Complete Series

Quantum Leap Complete Series (Universal & Mill Creek Versions)

Rescue from Gilligan’s Island

Ray Bradbury Theater  (Complete Serries)

Red Dwarf  I-VII including Skutter die cast toy

Richie Rich Scooby-Doo Show Vol 1

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1970’s Vol 1 & 2

saturday morning cartoons 1960s vol 1 (kids favorites version)

Scooby Doo Meets Batman (Kids TV Favorites, Full Version)

Scooby Doo and the Mask of the Blue Falcon

Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase

Scooby Doo Where Are You Season 1 & 2

SeaHunt: Best of Season 1 (2 DVDs)

Sea Quest Complete Series (1-3)

She-Ra Princess of Power – Season 2, Best of, Best of (*single disc WalMart)

Simpsons, Season 1-5, 8, 20

Sliders Complete Series

Six Million Dollar Man Complete Series (Time Life), Retail Complete Series (Universal)

Soap Seasons 1 & 2 (Mill Creek)

Stargate SG-1 Seasons 1-10, Ark of Truth, Stargate Infinity

Stargate Atlantis: Rising

Stargate Atlantis Season 1-5

Stargate Universe 2.0

Smallville Season 1-5,  Pilot (Single Disc)

Soap Seasons 1-2 (Mill Creek)

Son of God

South Park 1-3 (includes exclusive pilot disc)

Speed Racer Vol  1-5 (Complete Series)

Spider-Man the 67 Collection

Spider-Man the New Animated Series (MTV)

Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends Seasons 1-2 (Complete Series, Region 2 has slip case, booklet and postcards).

Spider-Man – The Return of the Green Goblin

spider-Man vs dock ock

Spider-Man – the Ultimate Villain Showdown

Spider-man Venom Saga
Spider-Man: The Cat

Spider-Man – Black Cat (Canadian Release)

spider-man kraken (Canadian)

Star Trek: Where No Man  / Corbomite

Star Trek: Turnabout Intruder / The Cage

Star Trek: The Animated Series

Star Trek: Tng Seasons 1-7

Star Trek Next Generation S3V3

Star trek Next Generation Very Best Of

Star Trek Fan COllective:Q, Alternate Realities, Time Travel.

Star Trek Voyager Season 1-7 (complete series)

Star Trek Enterprise Season 1

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Complete Series

Steve Harvey Show – Best of

Super friends – Complete Series

Superman: Complete Diamond Anniversary Fleischer

Superman / Doomsday DC Direct Animated Feature

Superman: 1941-42 (Warner)

Superman: Ruby Spears

Superman Animated Series: Complete Series, Last Son of Krypton

Superman: Look Up In the Sky

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Complete Series (Seasons 1-10)

Television: The First 50 Years

Tekwar complete series

TJ Hooker Season 1 & 2 (Mill Creek)

tj hooker  complete series

Tommyknockers (Stephen King)

Touched by an Angel Season 8-9

Transformers – Complete Series (Rhino), Complete First Season (Shout), Complete Third and 4th Season (Shout), The Rebirth (Rhino)

transformers shout matrix complete set

Transformers – Beast Wars – Complete Series, Beast Machines – Complete Series, Prime: Darkness Rising

Transformers Energon: Return of Megatron

The Twilight Zone Original Series Collections 1-5 (Complete Series), 1985 Complete Series, 2003 Complete Series, Twilight Zone Lost Classics (Region 4 Pal), Time Element

twilight Zone definitive season 1-5 (1 has rough surface printed dvds)

Twist in the Tale (Complete Series)

Transformers: Battle Begins

Transformers: Optimus Prime Vs Megatron

Twist in the Tale (Complete Series)


Ultimate Cartoon Festival (Mill Creek)

Ultimate Muscle: A Legend Reborn

Ultra Man Complete Seres (Mill Creek)

Ultra Man Series One Volume 1 & 2 (original)

Unsolved Mysteries: UFO’s (First Look),  Ghosts, Best of (4 disc set)

V: The Original / Final Battle & Complete Series

Voltron: Complete Series (Tins), Fleet of Doom

Voyagers (Complete Series)

Wallace & Grommit Curse of the Were-Rabbit

War of the Worlds Seasons 1 &2

Warner Premiere Episodes Vol 1 (ER / Gilligan’s Island / Waltons / Gilmore Girls / Flintstones)

Webster 20 Timeless Episodes

Wonder Woman (TV Series) Seasons 1-3 (Warner 2017 Reissue)

—-Doctor WHO:

Doctor WHO – Lost in Time

Doctor WHO – Beginnings (Unearthly Child / The Daleks / The Edge of Destruction)

Doctor WHO – the Space Museum / The Chase (Region 1, Region 2. Region 2 retains the Beatles clip)

Doctor WHO – The Ark

Doctor WHO – Planet of the Giants

Doctor WHO –  Web Planet

Doctor WHO –  The Invasion

Doctor WHO –  Tomb of the Cybermen – Regular and Special Edition (remastered)

Doctor WHO – Enemy of the World

Doctor WHO – Web of Fear

Dcotor WHO – The War Games (R2)

Doctor WHO –  Spearhead from Spacea

Doctor WHO and the Silurians

Doctor WHO – Terror of the Autons

Doctor WHO – The Three Doctors

Doctor WHO – The Sea Devils

Doctor WHO – Carnival of Monsters

Doctor WHO – Robot

Doctor WHO – Ark in Space

Doctor WHO – Sontaran Experiment

Doctor WHO – Genesis of the Daleks

Doctor WHO – Revenge of the Cybermen

Doctor WHO – Pyramids of Mars

Doctor WHO – Seeds of Doom

Doctor WHO – Deadly Assassin

Doctor WHO – Horror at Fang Rock

Doctor WHO – Robots of Death

Doctor WHO – Key to Time

Doctor WHO – Destiny of the Daleks

Doctor WHO – Creature from the Pit

Doctor Who – Shada

doctor who – Megos

Doctor WHO – Leisure Hive

Doctor WHO – E Space Trilogy (Full Circle, State of Decay, Warriors Gate)

Doctor WHO – Keeper of Traken

Doctor WHO – Logopolis

Doctor WHO – Castrovalva

Doctor WHO – Four to Doomsday

Doctor WHO – Kinda

Doctor WHO – The Visitation

Doctor WHO – Black Orchid

Doctor WHO – EarthShock

Doctor Who – Time Flight

Doctor WHO – The Five Doctors Special Edition

Doctor WHO – Resurrection of the Daleks

Doctor WHO – Warriors of the Deep

Doctor WHO – Planet of Fire

Doctor WHO – Twin Dilemma

Doctor WHO – Attack of the Cybermen

Doctor WHO – Vengeance on Varos (Regular and Special Ed.)

Doctor WHO – Mark of the Rani

Doctor WHO – Timelash

Doctor WHO – The Two Doctors

Doctor WHO – Trial of a Timelord (Complete)

Doctor WHO – Time and the RanI

Doctor WHO – Dragonfire

Doctor WHO – Remembrance of the Daleks

Doctor WHO – Ghost Light

Doctor WHO – Survival

Doctor WHO – The Movie (r2)

Doctor WHO –  The Movie – Special Edition

Doctor WHO –  2005 Seasons 1-4, The Next Doctor, Doctor WHO Daleks, Doctor WHO Cybermen

Doctor WHO – Twice Upon a Time (DVD)

Doctor WHO – Series Six Part One, Part Two, Series 7 parts 1-2

Doctor Who Infinate Quest

DVD Movies:

DVDs (Standard DVD not Blu Ray)

12 Monkeys

90210 (Reboot) The First Season

3 Mini-Movie Collection (Despicable Me WalMart Disc): Puppy / Panic in the Mailroom / Training Wheels


AI 2 disc


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein

Addams Family

Addams Family Values

American Dreamz

American Flyers / Victory 2 pack

African Cats

Airforce One

Aladdin 2 disc

Alexander REvisited

Alien Vs Predator 2 Disc

Alvin and the Chipmunks (Target Exclusive)

Austin Powers Three Film Set


Art of War

Batman and Robin (1949)

Batman  (1943)

Batman: Gotham City Serials (1949, 1943, Mill Creek)

Batman and Robin

Batman Mask of thePhantasm, Standard and Mini Disc Version

Batman: Batman Begins (2 disc), Dark Knight (2 disc), Dark Knight Rises (1 disc)

Bebe’s Kids


Be Kind Rewind

Boys and Girls

Big Mama’s House

Billy Madison


Blue State



Blade 2

Blade Trinity 2 disc

Blade Runner

Booty Call


Bourne Files: Bourne Identity / Bourne Supremacy

Butterfly Effect

Brave New Girl



Canada Russia 72


Catwoman (minidisc version)



Cat from Outer Space

CAtegory 6 Day of Destruction

Category 7 End of the World

Catwoman (Regular & Mini-Size DVD)

Change of Plans

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2 Disc version

Charlie’s Angels

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Christmas Story

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

City Island

Close Encounters o the Third kind

Comfort & Joy

Corpse Bride (Tim Burton)

Cradle to Grave

Creature from the BlackLagoon (Universal Legacy)

Dakota Skye

Day the Earth stood Still

Day After Tomorrow

Dracula (Universal Legacy)

Curious George

Dark Crystal

Dark Shadows

Death Kiss

Dinosaur (2 disc and 1 disc versions)

Doctor Strange – Sorcerer Supreme

Dare Devil Directors Cut

Dead Poets Society

Die Another Day 2 Disc

Double Platinum

Dracula vs Frankenstein


Dumb & Dumber

Dungeons and Dragons

D&D Wrath of the Dragon God

E.T. 2 Disc



Empire Records


Excellent 80’s

  • Act of Love (1980) Ron Howard
  • Agency (1980) Robert Mitchum
  • Bail Out (1989) David Hasselhoff
  • Blunt, The Fourth Man (1987) Anthony Hopkins
  • Callie and Son (1981) Lindsay Wagner
  • Casablanca Express (1989) Jason Connery
  • Cave Girl (1985) Daniel Roebuck
  • Choices (1981) Demi Moore
  • Christabel (1988) Elizabeth Hurley
  • Cold War Killers (1986) Terence Stamp
  • The Day Time Ended (1980) Jim Davis
  • Dear Mr. Wonderful (1982) Joe Pesci
  • Deathrow Gameshow (1987) John McCafferty
  • Delta Force Commando (1987) Fred Williamson
  • Dog Day (1984) Lee Marvin
  • Hard Knox (1984) Robert Conrad
  • A Hazard of Hearts (1987) Helena Bonham Carter
  • High Risk (1981) James Brolin
  • Hunk (1987) John Allen Nelson
  • Intimate Agony (1983) Mark Harmon
  • The Kidnapping of the President (1980) William Shatner
  • Lady and the Highwayman (1989) Hugh Grant
  • Lamb (1985) Liam Neeson
  • Laser Mission (1989) Brandon Lee
  • Liar s Moon (1982) Matt Dillon
  • Mesmerized (My Letter to George) (1984) John Lithgow
  • Minor Miracle (1983) Pele
  • My Chauffeur (1986) Deborah Foreman
  • My Mom S A Werewolf (1989) Susan Blakely
  • Night of the Sharks (1988) Treat Williams
  • The Patriot (1986) Leslie Nielsen
  • Portrait of a Showgirl (1982) Lesley Ann Warren
  • Reborn (1982) Dennis Hopper
  • Saigon: Year of the Cat (1983) Judi Dench
  • Savage Journey (1983) Richard Moll
  • Scandal Sheet (1985) Burt Lancaster
  • Scarecrows (1988) Ted Vernon
  • Second Sight: A Love Story (1984) Elizabeth Montgomery
  • Shadows in the Storm (1988) Ned Beatty
  • Shaker Run (1985) Cliff Robertson
  • Slipstream (1989) Bill Paxton
  • Somewhere, Tomorrow (1983) Sarah Jessica Parker
  • A Time to Die (1982) Rex Harrison
  • Toby McTeague (1986) Yannick Bisson
  • Tomboy (1985) Betsy Russell
  • The Train Killer (1983) Michael Sarazinn
  • Tuareg, the Desert Warrior (1984) Mark Harmon
  • Twisted Obsession (1989) Jeff Goldblum
  • We Think the World of You (1988) Gary Oldman
  • When the Bough Breaks (1986) Ted Dansen



Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Extended Edition

Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer

FAt Albert

Fear Dot Com

Ferris Bueller’s DAy off

Fight Club

Final Destination 1-4 (Warner 4 Film Favorites)

First Descent

For One MOre DAy

Forever Young

Forest Gump (2 Dsic)

Fourth Kind

Frankenstiein: The Legacy Collection

Free Enterprise


Friday after Next

From Justin to Kelly

The Fugitive

Future Sport

Flying Scotsman

Galaxy Quest


General’s Daughter

Ghost Ship (Widescreen, Pan & Scan Lenticular)

Ghostbusters / Ghostbusters 2 set


Gone in 60 SEconds

Green Lantern Emerald Knights


Great Expectations

Gummi Bear Search for Santa


Happy to Be Nappy

Harry Potter 1-4 double disc sets

Harvard  Man


High School Musical

High School USA

History of Violence

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy



Hotel Rwanda


Hulk vs Thor / Hulk vs Wolverine

Hulk / Hulk Animated CArtoon

Hunt for Red October

I, Robot (2 disc)

I Know What You Did Last Summer Trilogy

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Independance Day

Indiana Jones Trilogy

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones Bonus Material

Inspector Gadget (Disney Movie)

Invisible Man (Universal Legacy)

Iron Man

Iron MAn Promo Disc

Jetsons the MOvie

JLA: Trapped in Time

Joe’s Apartment

Josephine Baker Story

Jungle Book (1942 Live action)

King Kong (Peter Jackson) 2 disc

Lady in the Water

Laser Mission

Lawnmower Man / Jobes War (Jobe’s War is disc only)

Leave it to Beaver

Legend of Zorro

Lethal Weapon 1-4

Lions for Lambs

Looney Toons Movie Collection (Bugs Bunny Road Runner / 1001 Rabbit Tales)

Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Special Extended DVD Edition / Fellowship of the Ring DVD Special Extended Edition

Lost in Space

Love and Baskeball

Love Begins

Love Bug

Love, Loss & Affliction 3-Disc Set

Left Behind the Movie

Ma and Pa Kettle Complete Collection


Man Called Flinststone

Marc Please

Masters of the Universe

Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions, Matrix Revisited, Animatrix

Mean Strets

MontyPython and the Holy Grail (2 disc)


Mary Poppins

Men  in Black I & II (2 disc versions)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / TUrbo a Power Rangers Movie

Mr 3000

Manchurian Candidate *(2004)

Matrix Reloaded (2 disc)

Matrix Revisited


Million Dollar baby

Minority Report

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible 2 (MI-2) 2 disc edition

Monsters Ball

mummy (Universal Legacy Collection)

Muppets from Outer Space

It’s a Very Muppet Christmas Movie

Muppets Wizard of Oz

Mrs. Palfrey and the Claremont

My Favorite Martian Season 2 & 3

Nacho Libre

Never Ending Story I & II

nightmare before Christmas 2 disc edition

Nicholas  Nickelby *Animated

Office Space

Phantom Tollbooth

Popeye: Quest for Pappy

Paper Heart

Paranormal Activity 2

Passion of the Christ


Pearl Harbor (2 disc)

Perfect Getaway

Philadelphia Experiment

Pink Panther (Slim case)

Pirates of the Carribean Curse of the black pearl (2 disc),  At World’s end (2 disc)

Planet 51

Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton)


Project A*ko  Collectors Series with Music CD


Punisher (Travolta)


RAppin’ n’ Rhyming


Ray (2 disc)

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Extended Version



Rikki + Pete

Robin Hood (Disney)

Romeo Must die

Rush Hour 2

Saw, Saw II, Saw IV, Saw V, Saw: Final Chapter (VII)

School of Rock

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo / Batman Brave & the Bold

Second Hand Lions


Stan Lee’s Mutants Monsters Marvels

Seat Filler

Sgt Bilko


Simpsons the Movie (Full Screen, Wide Screen)

Sister Act 2


South Park the Movie

Social Network

Speed Racer


Spider-Man Collector Set, Spider-Man 2 Collector Set

Spider-Man 3 Bonus DVD

Spider-Man: Origins of a Superhero



Space Jam (2 disc)

Sprung / Foolish / Cookout / Miami 4-disc set

Spy who Loved me

Squid & the Whale

Star Trek (2009) (single disc, 2 disc versions)

Star Trek Motion Picture (Directors Edition)

Star Trek II: Directors Edition

Star Trek III: Special Collectors

Star Trek VI: Special Collectors Edition

Star Wars I-III 2 disc Widescreen, IV-VI Widescreen with originalss., Bonus Material, Bonus DVD.

Stella Street

Storefront Hitchcock

Superman I (3 disc set) II, III, IV, Richard Donners Cut

Superman Returns (2 disc Widescreen with Radio Shows and Science of Superman disc)


Teenaage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Film Favorites Collection

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Michael Bay)

Terminator 2  Judgement Day (Ultimate Edition, Extreme DVD)

TErminator 3 Rise of the Machines

Three STooges (2012)

Three Stooges Goofs on the Loose


Time Machine (New)

Tin Man (Mill Creek)



Total Recall (2012)

Transformers and Transformers Beginnings Set

Transformers (2 disc set)

Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen (Single Disc)

Transformers Dark of the Moon

Transformers: The Movie (1987, Rhino Version), (1987 2 disc Sony)


Turbo (Gift set with “Turbo” toy)

TV Set

Twilight (Single Disc Edition)

Twilight (Target Exclusive 3-Disc)

Topper Returns

Two Brothers  (Full Screen)


Ultimate Avengers Movie

Up (Single Disc)


Yummy Gummy Search for Santa

War of the Worlds

We Bought a Zoo

Where the Wild Things Are

William Shatner Leonard Nimoy Mind Meld

Where the Day Takes You

Wizard of Oz 2 Disc 70th Anniv Version featuring Dreamer of Oz

Wizard of Oz Single Disc 75th WalMart Exclusive

World of Oz (70th, 75th, 75th single disc)

Wolf Man (Universal Legacy Collection)

Wonder Woman 2 Disc DC Animated movie

You’ve Got Mail

Non Movie


America Tribute to Heroes

Behind the Planet of hte Apes

Bender Ball

Billy Blanks Boot Camps

Brawl on the Beach


Creating the Lord of the Rings Symphony

Dennis Miller Raw Feed

Destinys Child Video Anthology

Directors (Garry Marshall)


Kathy Griffin My Life is the D List

Lifestyle Number Nine (6, 8)

Quick Fix meals


ESPN Year n Review 2006

Arista 25 Years of #1 Hits

Journey: Live in Manilla

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey MTV Unplugged +3

Mariah Carey Fantasy

Mariah Carey ARound the World

Mariah Carey Adventures of Mimi  (2 disc edition)

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella  (1957, 1964, 1997)

Gotee Records Video Vault

Alicia Keys the Diary

Man of LaMancha

Out of Eden Meditate

Vh1 Divas Live / Divas Live 99

Best of VAnessa Williams

Shine Live! DVD (Disney)

Disney Mania in Concert

Jeopardy Inside Look

Ringling Bros Barnum & Baily Circus 133rd Edition DVD

Monica Knock Knock / Get It Off

Dennis Miller Raw Feed

Standard Deviants: Physics Power

Robonimal:Panda-Z The Robonimation Vol 1 & 2

X-Men Revealed

Sports Center Year in Review 2006

Quick Fix Meals Volume 1 (Food Channel)

Directors: Garry Marshall

Billy’s Bootcamp Elite, Cardio Bootcamp Live

18, Kathy Griffin D-List

Brawl on the Beach

Star Wars Bonus Material

Story of Star Wars DVD

National Geographic: Emperors of the Ice

Lesko: Power of Free and Fun

Popeyes Search for Papi

Destiny’s Child: Survivor

Your Adopted Cat (Publix)

Harry Potter Variants:

Sorcerer’s Stone sing disc from original release but amaray 16953

Chamber of Secrets 2 disc cardboard 35922

Prisoner of Azkaban 2 disc original 84452

Goblet of Fire double disc year 4 edition 54296

Order of the phoenix disc 17492

Half blood prince single disc original (2) 20039

Deathly Hallows (2) black warner disc 13944