No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Backstory: About Ron Hall  (  Cell: (646) 226-4073 Website:

Ron Hall is the minority small business owner of a technology company, Lemur Technology LLC. Ron’s work with inner city kids has been featured in the Tennessean.

  • Ron came to the United States as a Vietnam war orphan airlifted by Betty Tisdale, “The Angel of Saigon”.
  • Ron was not expected to live past infancy but overcame great odds and pursued mission work in Africa while living in New York City.
  • Ron relocated to Nashville, TN in 2007 and currently manages single adoptive fatherhood, his technology company, and is currently pursuing a degree at Penn State University in Integrated Social Sciences. His coursework this semester has taken him to the homeless of Nashville through Home Street Home Ministries.

Current Situation:

Madison, TN March 28, 2017 – Nashville area resident Ron Hall has 17 days left before he faces possible eviction from his home. Having survived the fall of Saigon, this refugee from Vietnam started life as an orphan and beat the very odds of survival itself to dedicate his life to community service, he now faces the very fate of those he serves.  He’s dedicated many of his resources in recent years to caring for a daughter he adopted, making him a rare single adoptive father. Now he is being forced out of the place he was slated to buy and call home.

“I rented a home at 585 Heritage Lane in Madison to continue to help my daughter grow in my family and help TNR & foster abandoned cats . I had proposed a plan to do a final lease and prepare to purchase the house when it was sold out from under me unexpectedly to a company in San Francisco called Nash2SF LLC,” says Ron Hall. “While the previous owner, Greg Self emailed me stating he did not believe the new buyers panned to make anybody move out, I never the less received a ‘notice to vacate’ within weeks due to ‘wear and tear beyond normal use’ but I invited many to view a video walkthrough of the home and no one observed anything beyond wear and tear for being in the home for nearly 5 years and nothing short of 5 years of use and depreciation. “

Ron pays below market rent and arranged reduced rent increases over the 4 years he was in the home. He had hoped to dedicate the home to continue his work of helping those in need. Ron runs a 1 man Technology Company and helps those he can, not as a job but, as a life style. Ron did have an investor lined up to buy a home to rent to him with an option to purchase however the investor fell through at the last minute. Ron is looking to stay in the home through the end of the lease which is 8/31/2017, find another investor, and relocate. The eviction by the new owner, “Nash 2 SF LLC”, which has purchased many homes in Middle TN as investments and runs them through “Streetlane Homes” may put Mr. Hall on the streets very soon.


  • Gentrification, investing & rehabbing homes by investment companies may be displacing many people not just Ron.
  • Ron is hoping for a new investor, a rental home that will allow him to continue his work, or a donated home in the Nashville area.
  • As of 3/27/2017 Ron has 18 days left at his home.