Marvel Comics Video Library

1xThe Amazing Spider-Man: The Origin of Spider-ManSpider-Man (1967): “The Origin of Spider-Man”Spider-Man (1981): “The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man”
2Doctor Doom: Meet Doctor DoomFantastic Four (1978): “Meet Doctor Doom”Spider-Man (1981): “Cannon of Doom”
3xCaptain America: The Origin of Captain AmericaThe Marvel Superheroes: “The Origin of Captain America”Spider-Man (1981): The Capture of Captain America
4xMagneto: The Menace of MagnetoFantastic Four (1978): “The Menace of Magneto”Spider-Man (1981): “When Magneto Speaks…People Listen”
5xThe Incredible Hulk: When Monsters MeetThe Incredible Hulk (1982): “When Monsters Meet”Spider-Man (1967): “One-Eyed Idol” / “Fifth Avenue Phantom”
6The FlySpider-Woman (1979): “Spider-Woman and the Fly”Spider-Man (1967): “The Slippery Dr. Von Schlick” / “The Spider and the Fly”
7xFantastic Four: The Impossible ManFantastic Four (1978): “The Impossible Man”Spider-Man (1967): “Spider-Man Meets Dr. Noah Boddy” / “The Fabulous Fakir”
8xThe Sandman: Nothing Can Stop The SandmanSpider-Man (1981): “The Sandman Is Coming”Spider-Man (1967): “Sands of Crime” / “Never Step On A Scorpion”
9Iron Man: The Hands Of The MandarinThe Marvel Superheroes: “The Hands of Mandarin”Spider-Man (1967): “Conner’s Reptiles” / “The Winged Thing”
10Doctor Octopus: The Power of Doctor OctopusSpider-Man (1967): “The Power of Doctor Octopus” / “Sub-Zero for Spidey”Spider-Man (1967): “The Terrible Triumph of Doctor Octopus” / “Magic Malice”
11xThe Thing: Olympics of SpaceFantastic Four (1978): “The Olympics of Space”Spider-Man (1967): “Criminals of the Clouds”
12xThe Vulture: The Vulture Has LandedSpider-Man (1981): “The Vulture Has Landed”Spider-Man (1967): “The Vulture’s Prey” / “The Dark Terrors”
13xSpider-Woman: Games Of DoomSpider-Woman: “Games of Doom”Spider-Man (1981): “Doctor Doom – Master of the World”
14xThe Mole ManFantastic Four (1978): “The Mole Man”Spider-Man (1967): “Spider-Man Battles the Molemen”
15Sub-Mariner: The Start of the QuestThe Marvel Superheroes: “The Start of The Quest”Spider-Man (1981): “The Wrath of Sub-Mariner”
16Green Goblin: Revenge of the Green GoblinSpider-Man (1981): “Revenge of The Green Goblin”Spider-Man (1967): “Diet of Destruction” / “The Witching Hour”
17xThor: Enter HerculesThe Marvel Superheroes: “Enter Hercules”Spider-Man (1967): “Neptune’s Nose Cone”
18xThe Red Skull: The Origin Of The Red Skull“The Origin of the Red Skull” / “Lest Tyranny Triumph” / “The Red Skull Lives”Spider-Man (1981): “Arsenic and Aunt May”
19Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2Spider-Man (1981): “The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo”Spider-Man (1967): “Phantom From The Depths of Time”
20Thor: The Mighty Thor | Vol. 2The Marvel Superheroes: “The Absorbing ManSpider-Man (1967): “Spider-Man Meets Skyboy”
21Captain America Vol. 2The Marvel Superheroes: “The Sleeper Shall Awake”Spider-Man (1967): “To Cage A Spider”
22Fantastic FourFantastic Four (1978): “Phantom of Film City”Spider-Man (1967): “Double Identity” / “To Catch A Spider”
23Spider-Woman Vol. 2Spider-Woman: “Pyramids of Terror”Spider-Man (1967): “The Return of the Flying Dutchman” / “Farewell Performance”
24The Incredible HulkThe Incredible Hulk (1982): “Prisoner of the Monster”Spider-Man (1967): “Fountain of Terror” / “Fiddler On The Loose”