Open Letter to Wells Fargo

Dear Wells Fargo:

I have been a Wells Fargo customer for many years. Prior to being a personal banking customer, I used to help run $1 million dollars through Wachovia / Wells Fargo each year as part of the Doorpost Film Project in Florida and Tennessee. I later opened a personal account and later, a business account for my company, Lemur Technology LLC.

I have stood by your company through thick and thin, through the many scandals, and in a city where there are not many locations – Nashville, TN. I have advocated for you as a coast-to-coast bank from my former homes of New York City and Harrisburg, PA to my favorite flight destination, Los Angeles, CA.

I am self employed and am looking at several properties, some of which are manufactured homes. Wells Fargo is one of the few banks, if only bank, who will do a loan on a home that has a manufactured foundation.

I found one that Wells owned that was for sale but I was unable to get any information from Wells Fargo before a contract was put on it. I have found another home and asked a Wells Fargo Mortgage Representative about getting a loan for it but after a week on vacation, the representative called once to find out what I needed but  I have not heard from him since.

I have a few challenges to get a loan but I am hoping someone at Wells Fargo can help me.

Please see my page that outlines the home I would like a loan for:

I am hopeful that someone at Wells Fargo will respond and have a creative solution given the challenges I face. The home is now down to $59,900 and time is running out.

Ron Hall