Cat Supplies

This is a list of my cat supplies. It’s largely based on what I’ve needed over the years.

Cat Supplies

Fortifloria. (exp 5/20)(28 packs)

Slicemall Flea & Tick Collar 13”

Fancy Feast Broth (9)

Liquid Syringes (8)

Little Remedies Saline Spray & drops

Claw tip clippers

Quiet Calming aid chews

Flea comb

Dematting comb

GNC Pets High Calorie Booster Chick Flavor Paste

Pet AG Hairball Solution Gel

Virulays L-Lysine Supplement

Pumpkin Powdewr

Advantage (4.0ml)(14)

Feline Greenie Pill Pockets (4)


Zydaclin Oral Drops
Pet Well Being Blood Sugar Gold

Pet Well Being Milk Thistle

L-Lysine Immune Suport Powder

PepCid AC

Pill Cutter

Feel free to send us a list of any vital items any cat rescuer should have but are not on this list.

We take actual donations as well as paypal at