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This manager refused to help, refused to give a number easily found on Google and bad talked a customer to other customers.

On Sunday June 12 2022 at 21:20pm I drove past two gas pumps on Nashville Road in Franklin, KY that were closed. I decided to go to Flying J where I was glad to see they were open. As a person of color and of asian descent I am used to being treated badly by white people especially since the COIVD-19 pandemic and the anti-asian sentiment that followed. I do not know if race was a factor here, but even unconscious bias can often manifest itself in one’s responses to another of different ethnicity. I do know that I am a person of color and I was mistreated. In any case the story begin at the gas pump.

I inserted my card into the gas pump, validated my pin and zip code, selected the gas I wanted (87 regular) and put the pump in the car and pressed to pump. I needed to clean my passenger area so I went around to the passenger side while the gas pumped.

When I circled back I saw the gas pump was on 93 at $5.389 not 87 at $4.49 per gallon. The total was $44.97 and I quickly hung the pump up. Wondering if the pump switched automatically I went to replicate the process by inserting my card, entering my PIN and zip code, and selected 87 however no gas came out. I tried it again. No gas came out. I wanted to record it so I could prove it happened and below what I got instead is the pump empty. It wasn’t marked empty so I believe I was the first to encounter this.

^^^ I tried to replicate the error / malfunction and this time no gas came out. you can hear me clicking endlessly. The pump isn’t marked ‘out of gas’ so my guess is I was the one to discover this. Between that and two stations closed on Nashville Road leads me to believe there were issues of some kind. Glitches cannot always be replicated. Malfunctions can also be issues that cannot be replicated. That is a fact.

I speculate the pump ran out of 87 and defaulted to 93 the first time. I calculated the loss at $7.42. I went inside and spoke to the manager on duty. He refused to refund the difference. I asked for the District Manager or Corporate phone number and he refused saying he was not permitted to give it out. As I walked away he told other customers “He pressed the wrong button” – I snapped back “Quit lying. That isn’t true. I did NOT press the wrong button”. Why this manager refused to give me a number on Google I have no idea. The manager did not offer to take my name and number to give to another manager / District Manager or review the footage at the pump before accusing me of pressing the wrong button to other customers when he THOUGHT I couldn’t hear him (as I walked away).

I asked the manager on duty for a corporate office or District Manager number. He refused. The corporate office number is on Google. It’s a search engine of public information.

I do not use 93 and have not for years. I do not have a reason to press that button and even if a malfunction can’t be replicated it is possible, hence the word ‘glitch’ or ‘malfunction’. My guess is since gas was out at two other stations, this location was running low and that pump ran out just as I was getting ready to use it. Regardless what happened however, the treatment of me was out of line. I have no reason and no benefit for 93. A 2011 Kia Soul is rated at 87. There is ZERO benefit for 93. None. Zip.

I looked up the corporate number on Google within minutes, however customer service was closed. I would like the surveillance footage of Pump 7 at 21:25-21:29 reviewed. I would like an explanation of why the manager refused to give a number that is easily found on Google and why the manager spoke to customers about me – telling something even he did not know was the truth or not.

I do not live near the store so driving for a $7.42 refund defeats the purpose of a $7.42 refund. I would like Flying J to refund the money and apologize for the manager’s behavior. He was out of line. As a person of color I do not know if my color was a factor in how I was treated. I do not feel welcome or safe in that location anymore. And one more thing : Why would I lie about $7.42? My car does not benefit by 93 gas. The engine is rated for 87. The 93 / Premium blend yields no benefit for my car. My car is on the station’s surveillance. What possible motivation could I have for $7.42? If I wanted money I’d go after a-lot more than that. I just want what’s fair here.

On Wednesday June 15th Pilot / Flying J Responded:

Mr. Hall,

Pilot Travel Centers LLC (“PTC”) is in receipt of your complaint regarding the alleged malfunction of Pump 7 at the Pilot travel center located in Franklin, KY (Store #661) on June 12, 2022.  You claim you had initially selected regular unleaded gasoline (87) when you began fueling your vehicle.  After a few minutes time, you noticed the selected grade of gasoline pumping was actually the super grade gasoline (93), and you immediately hung up the pump, leaving you with a charge of $44.97.  At this point, you speculated that the unleaded fuel tank was empty, and the transaction automatically defaulted to the largest grade of gasoline, meaning, by your estimate, a $7.42 difference in what you should have been charged.

After an internal investigation into this matter, PTC respectfully disagrees with your allegations.  Our records indicate the initial selection made at Pump 7 was for the super grade gasoline, whether intentionally or unintentionally.  Also, during our investigation, we discovered that the regular unleaded fuel tank on that pump was not empty during the time of your visit or any other time that day.  PTC’s system indicates two other customers, one right before your transaction and the other right after, fueled regular unleaded and experienced no problems. There have been no reports from the store regarding any type of malfunction with that pump, and Pilot has not received any other complaints from customers regarding similar issues from that location on this date. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Pilot if you require any additional information in connection with the above-referenced complaint.


Leigh Ann​ FoxCoordinator I, Litigation
[email protected]office: (865) 474‑2207efax: (865) 297-18605508 Lonas Drive / Knoxville, TN 37909

I replied asking for footage of me at the gas pump selecting the premium gas. Pilot / Flying J has not furnished the footage proving I selected the gas.

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